“I’m Such A Genius…”

Son: “Mommy Look!”
Me: “What son?”
Son: “I’m such a genius I created a robotic arm to pick my nose!”



About Julia - Aberrant Crochet

Julia is a creative crochet designer and crochet hook engineer in Texas who loves unique projects and caters to chemo patients. Her husband is fighting Glioblastoma Multiforme, an incredibly aggressive, grade 4 brain cancer and orphan disease. Much of her work goes to support brain cancer awareness and research. Julia is also a writer and digital content creator with a background in music composition and public speaking. With over 40 years of crochet and piano in her life, and a family far too familiar with cancer, Julia’s soft crochet designs are often inspired by the unique needs of chemo patients. She's BikerMom @Ravelry and ❤❤ #DoctorWho. Find her anywhere @AberrantCrochet. Her main blog can be found at Aberrant Crochet. Julia's crochet designs and patterns can be purchased at http://PixieWorx.Etsy.com, http://AberrantCrochet.Etsy.com and on http://Ravelry.com.
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